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Community Resource Explorer

September 2020


CPAL built the Community Resource Explorer to ensure that all Dallas neighborhoods are places of great opportunity for children and their families.

Dallas neighborhoods are unique, each with their own stories to tell, people to celebrate, and places to love. Our neighborhoods are a tremendous asset to our city. However, some neighborhoods are well-appointed with resources, like grocery stores and doctor’s offices and park space, but many others are not.

The CRE is a diagnostic tool that illustrates how resources are allocated across five categories and 30+ indicators in neighborhoods around Dallas ISD schools. The intent of the tool is to help frontline institutions act on relevant, specific data so that investment decisions and resource allocation can have the greatest impact.

Our hope is that the CRE can help right the wrongs of the past by bringing new programs and services, economic development opportunities, and public amenities to communities that have been under-resourced for far too long.

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  • Trust Her Clinic Finder

    The Trust Her Clinic Finder tool helps Dallas residents find and access free/affordable birth control options.

    • Today, 1.8 million Texas women of childbearing age cannot afford birth control.
    • It can take a Texas woman 7 months or more to obtain her contraceptive of choice and we want to change that.
  • North Texas Eviction Project

    NTEP empowers providers, agencies, and policymakers with actionable eviction data to support housing stability in Dallas.

    • Eviction disproportionately impacts communities of color, and the likelihood of receiving an eviction judgment is highest for mothers with children.
    • NTEP has been used to identify eviction "hotspots" - neighborhoods with a high density of eviction filings - to host rent relief pop-up events and to conduct tenant/landlord outreach and education.